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The Hadley Family Foundation is a registered Canadian charity and private foundation. We provide long-term grant funding to charities, focusing on high-impact and innovative projects aimed at helping individuals and communities thrive.

Charities & Organizations We Support

About the Foundation

The Hadley Family Foundation is located in Milton, Ontario Canada and was established in 2019 to administer the charitable giving of the Hadley family. We utilize an endowment model, allowing us to provide sustainable long-term funding to our charitable partners and to ensure our grants will grow over time. We are an impact-oriented and data-driven philanthropy focusing both on supporting projects within Canada where there are opportunities to use local knowledge to add value, and on identifying and supporting the highest impact charities globally.


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Mission & Values

Our Commitment to Effective Philanthropy

Charitable giving should work. We are committed to partnering with best-in-class charities working on causes that deliver real benefits to the communities in which they operate. We approach grantmaking dispassionately, seeking to fund projects that will produce the greatest social returns per dollar.

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Moving the Needle

We have a bias towards charities where our grant will open up new opportunities for the grantee, allowing them to undertake high-impact and innovative projects which would have otherwise not been feasible due to funding constraints or risk.

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Putting resources where they are needed most

We take a resource allocation approach to our grantmaking, focusing first on maximizing impact and ensuring that every grant we make demonstrably improves lives.

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Accountability & Transparency

We measure outcomes with our charitable partners on an ongoing basis, keeping everyone accountable for delivering on charitable objectives. All of our partners maintain fully transparent operations ensuring resources are used as intended.

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A Diversity of Causes

The problems communities face today are multifaceted and complex. Often many elements must come together to see success. We work across a variety of causes to ensure our communities as a whole have the best chance of seeing positive impact.


A Few Words from Community Leaders

“We can’t thank the Hadley Family Foundation enough for their generous support and commitment to young people. Securing funds to help us sustain programs allows us to plan ahead, to continue to offer life-changing, and often life-SAVING options, to young people.”

– Tina Blatchford, Executive Director

“Finding partners who share your vision and take time to understand the charity, its operations and challenges is rare. The Hadley Family Foundation recognizes these and has supported both our regional work, and local programming which allows us to have maximum impact.”

– Graham Hill, Executive Director


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